Thank you for visiting my page! I'm Leann Hill, born and raised in Cherokee County, Alabama in the foothills of the stunning Appalachian Mountain range.  
I am a nature lover.  I enjoy the outdoors and am fascinated by the extreme, epic beauty that surrounds us in this life.  One of my favorite things to do is combine sweeping, gorgeous scenery with professional portraits, to create truly one-of-a-kind images.  
Once upon a time, I wanted to become a professional photographer, so I set out to learn all that I could.  Little did I know, that process takes a very long time, a lifetime, even.  It is ongoing, everlasting and immensely gratifying! I want to bring out the extraordinary in you, your family and your business!
My mission is simple.
To prove that everyone has a beauty, a mystery, something uniquely wonderful, that is worthy of being remembered...something that is truly remarkable!
As a small business owner specializing in photographic portraiture, I believe it is so important to understand that as a professional, I am committed to creating unique works of art that tell your story and celebrate the life YOU are living.
As a member of PPA, Professional Photographers of America, I am also fervently dedicated to PRINT.  Digital files on a disc will only last as long as the technology available to view them, which isn't very long.  (Think floppy drives).   
I specialize in real, tangible portraits; commissioned works of art that you can hold in your hands, hang on your walls, and pass down to your children's children.
I want you to have something real, something that will last. Something incredibly remarkable!
I am here to help you see your own extraordinary, and you'll have the photographs to prove it!
With awe and inspiration for this life, 

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